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Protected PCI


How Impella 2.5 Provides Hemodynamic Support During Protected PCI

Watch this brief anatomical video to learn how Impella 2.5 provides hemodynamic support during Protected PCI. ...

Cardiogenic Shock


Protected PCI Programs: Impella Training for Physicians

High quality training for physicians on the use of Impella® devices is a key component of Abiomed’s Protected PCI™ program...

Tips and Tricks


How Does the Pressure-Volume Loop Work

Here’s an effective online resource to gain a better understanding of cardiac physiology. Watch this video to learn how p...

Protected PCI


Protected PCI Programs: Training with the Impella 2.5™ Heart Pump

Training and education are key components of Protected PCI™ programs using the Impella 2.5™ heart pump. Who ...

Protected PCI


Building a Protected PCI Program, Collaboration and Cooperation Keys to Success

Today’s podcast is from Dr. Brij Maini, Regional Medical Director of Tenet Florida. Previously he was at PinnacleHealth ...

Protected PCI


Latest Webinar on Building a Protected PCI Program Features the University of Washington Heart Center in Seattle

The Building a Protected PCI Program series* presents a webinar entitled “The Programmatic Approach to Teaching, Tactics and ...

Protected PCI


Building a Protected PCI Program Webinar Discusses the Heart Team Approach

The webinar* entitled “Building a Protected PCI Program: The Heart Team Approach” highlights the development and use of the...

Protected PCI


Drs. Martin Leon and Dan Burkhoff Discuss Hemodynamics of Protected PCI with Impella

In the video below, the Cardiovascular Research Foundation presents a discussion between Drs. Martin Leon and Dan Burkhoff from...

Tips and Tricks


Dr. Mark Grise Shares Advice on Access and Patient Management at Scripps 2015

The talk entitled “Tips and Tricks: Access and Patient Management” was given by Dr. Mark Grise, Medical Director of the Car...

Tips and Tricks


Drs. Martin Leon and Dan Burkhoff Discuss Hemodynamics of Protected PCI with Impella: Video

Dr. Martin Leon and Dr. Dan Burkhoff from Columbia University discuss the hemodynamics of Protected PCI. ...

Protected PCI


Protected PCI Offers New Option for Patients Turned Down for CABG or Traditional PCI

Improving the health of patients and offering the best possible treatments is the primary ethos and goal of any medical profess...
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