Alexander Truesdell Presents a Case on Cardiomyopathy with Impella Support

January 30, 2019

Alexander Truesdell, MD, of Inova Heart and Vascular Institute, discusses a case of ischemic cardiomyopathy involving a 70 year old male presenting with diabetes, multi-vessel CAD, LV systolic dysfunction and chronic systolic heart failure. The Inova heart team started with a multi-disciplinary consultation using a Protected PCI algorithm to determine the appropriate treatment option for the patient.

The heart team concluded that the patient would benefit from a Protected PCI procedure with the Impella CP® heart pump. During the procedure, Dr. Truesdell used fluoroscopy to monitor safe introduction of guidewire into the patient’s anatomy and used angiogram to determine proper Impella placement. In the video, Dr. Truesdell elaborates on the use of a dry closure technique in the CFA, pre-closing the arteriotomies to facilitate appropriate closure and hemostasis.



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