How Cardiologists Used Twitter During #TCT2015 (Plus an Interview with C. Michael Gibson)

October 22, 2015

With TCT 2015 having wrapped up last week, it's a good time to take a look back at the top event topics discussed on Twitter. Last week, the Protected PCI blogging team attended the event, participated in social media, and blogged on our top event takeaways. So this week, we'll uncover the top takeaways from the nearly 7000 tweets that used the hashtag #TCT2015 during the event.

Top 5 Event Hashtag Users

Not surprising, the symposium's official account @TCTConference was the top Tweeter using the hashtag #TCT2015 with 678 tweets. Second was the Mayo Clinic's cardiovascular specialty twitter account @MayoClinicCV with 204 tweets.

The TCT specialized news source, TCTMD, and its senior associate news editor, Yael Maxwell, took the next two spots with 180 and 134 tweets respectively. Their Twitter handles are @TCTMD and @TCTMD_Yael if you wish to follow them. In an upcoming post, we will be interviewing the TCTMD planning team about their event takeaways and get a sneak peek into future events. Subscribe to our blog to be alerted.

Rounding out the top five hashtag users–and tied for fifth with 122 tweets–were Shelley Wood, @ShelleyWood2, the editorial director at the Cardiovascular Research Foundation and C. Michael Gibson, a Harvard professor and Founder / Editor-in-Chief of Clinical Trial Results.

We thought it worthwhile to sit down–virtually–with @CMichaelGibson, the host of the TCT Live video channel, to get his thoughts on the conference.

Interview with C. Michael Gibson

  1. What part(s) of the TCT conference were most helpful?
    "I think high impact 7 minute didactic lectures from world experts are great along with live cases that cement that didactic knowledge."
  2. What part(s) of the TCT conference (if any) could use improvements?
    "An earlier start on Saturday may accommodate busy practitioner's schedules better."
  3. What part(s) did you like best—case presentations, interviews, presentations, other?
    "People learn by visual, oral, case-based, and interview methods. All were excellent."
  4. What additional topics/trainings, if any, would you like to see covered at TCT?
    "Healthcare cost containment."
  5. What was one event surprise you did not see coming?
    "LEADERs free and the high risk case from Bill O'Neill."
  6. What do you see as being the most important or the most relevant trends in interventional cardiology? Are these trends represented adequately at TCT?
    "Management of valve disease and high-risk PCI will continue to expand in importance. These are increasing the focus of TCT."

Top 10 User Mentions


Top 10 Hashtag Mentions


Top 3 Shared Links

Topping the list of shared links is a New England Journal of Medicine article about the Absorb III trial testing Abbott's bioresorbable vascular scaffold that elutes everolimus which was tweeted out 74 times during the event. Coming in a close second with 73 tweets was a link to Arnold Schwarzenegger's bio—clearly a big hit as the keynote speaker.

Rounding out the top three with 40 tweets was another tie between New England Journal of Medicine's article about Paclitaxel-Eluting versus Everolimus-Eluting Coronary Stents in Diabetes and Clinical Trial Results website's TCT 2015 event daily videos hosted by @CMichaelGibson.

Top 7 Retweets and Favorites

After the event @CMichaelGibson thanked his television crew and others shared this sentiment as it was favorited 17 times.

Dr Kevin Campbell's tweet sharing a glimpse into the mobile future of Healthcare was shared often.

A pair of tweets about the Randomized Evaluation of Recurrent Stroke Comparing PFO Closure to Established Current Standard of Care Treatment (RESPECT) trial got quite a few retweets and stars.


Seth Bilazarian's tweet quoting Sanjay Kaul of Cedars-Sinai was well received. Seth is Abiomed's Vice President of Interventional Cardiology Programs where he focuses primarily on physician education. You may be interested to read Seth's takeaways from the event or follow him at @drsethdb.

And Michael Gibson's tweet about his interview with Sanjit Jolly about the TOTAL clinical trial was also highly starred, suggesting people wanted to bookmark it to watch later.

And ending this roundup is a popular retweet announcing a new member to the Journal of American Medical Association's Network—JAMA Cardiology.

Next Steps

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