Category: Cardiogenic Shock

Managing Acute MI Cardiogenic Shock

Developing Best Practices with Dr. Bill O’Neill “What are the foundations for developing best practices in managing acute MI cardiogenic shock?” asks Dr. Bill O’Neill as he begins this presentation of data and the ways in which high-performing institutions are improving survival in patients with AMI cardiogenic shock. “If you’re going to be using Impella®, … Continue reading “Managing Acute MI Cardiogenic Shock”

Cardiogenic Shock Heart Recovery Case Study

Successful Impella® Support Prior to Complete Revascularization Dr. James Park presents his first NCSI enrollee—a patient with cardiogenic shock with prolonged resuscitation and multiple shocks—in whom he initiated Impella® support prior to revascularization. In addition to presenting this good heart recovery story, Dr. Park shares how his center is striving to improve the quality of … Continue reading “Cardiogenic Shock Heart Recovery Case Study”

Impella Use in STEMI Patient

Successful Revascularization in Very Late Stent Thrombosis Case Dr. Sagar Mallikethi Reddy discusses Impella use in a STEMI patient with very late stent thrombosis, incessant ventricular tachycardia (VT), and a very high LVEDP. This case also highlights a conservative approach to ensure closure post-procedure in an acute patient. Dr. Reddy is an interventional cardiologist at McLaren … Continue reading “Impella Use in STEMI Patient”

Techniques to Reduce Bleeding with Large Bore Access Devices

Dr. Amir Kaki Discusses Techniques to Reduce Bleeding Dr. Amir Kaki outlines the factors that have led to reductions in bleeding and complications with large-bore access devices, including Impella, over the past decade, and discusses techniques and best practices for access and closure. Dr. Kaki is the director of mechanical circulatory support and complex PCI … Continue reading “Techniques to Reduce Bleeding with Large Bore Access Devices”