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Femoral Insertion of Impella 2.5/CP with AIC

This instructional video provides the steps to insert the Impella 2.5® or Impella CP® with the assistance of the Automated Impella Controller into the femoral artery. Subscribe, Tweet this or join the conversation by following us on Twitter: @ProtectedPCI AIC-007-17

Protected PCI Programs: Training with the Impella 2.5™ Heart Pump

Training and education are key components of Protected PCI™ programs using the Impella 2.5™ heart pump.Who Should Be Trained?Successful Protected PCI programs aim to train everyone involved in the Protected PCI program and include:
  • Cardiovascular surgery staff
  • Perfusion staff
  • Cardiovascular nurses and technologists from the cath lab who assist with the set-up and insertion of the Impella 2.5 device
  • Critical care nurses who care for the patient, monitor the device, change tubing and troubleshoot alarms
  • ICU staff who accommodate the acute needs of Protected PCI patients, troubleshoot alarms, titrate drips and fulfill charting requirements
  • Pharmacists who develop heparin drip protocols for the Impella 2.5 device, provide dextrose solution to the cath lab and handle orders for pre- and post-procedure care
  • Clinical Nurse Navigators who provide education and follow-up for patients
  • Coding and billing for reimbursement codes for the insertion, care and removal of the Impella 2.5 device
  • Clinical Nurse Educators who establish training and competency-based evaluation
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