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What is Restore EF?

Impact on EF at 60-180 days after high-risk PCI with Impella® support Jason Wollmuth, MD and Thom Dahle, MD, 2 of the principal investigators in the RESTORE EF Study, share their thoughts on the trial with Dr. Seth Bilazarian. “It is an important study that hopefully will provide further depth of knowledge and body of … Continue reading “What is Restore EF?”

Shockwave-facilitated Aortoiliac Treatment with Impella

A “Transformative Technique” Dr. Jason Wollmuth describes how Shockwave lithoplasty may provide a safer way to gain large bore femoral access by minimizing vessel trauma/dissection and limiting the need for stenting. He presents a complex case in which Shockwave facilitated Impella CP® support as well as multivessel PCI. The Shockwave Medical Intravascular Lithotripsy (IVL) System, … Continue reading “Shockwave-facilitated Aortoiliac Treatment with Impella”

Case Video: Shockwave Assisted Protected PCI with Dr. Brian Kolski

Dr. Brian Kolski presents a case in which he used the Shockwave Medical Intravascular Lithotripsy (IVL) System to dilate calcified lesions in a 58-year-old patient initially turned down for revascularization options as well as transplant. Dr. Brian Kolski is a cardiologist at St. Joseph Hospital in Orange County, California. Dr. Kolski explains that the Shockwave … Continue reading “Case Video: Shockwave Assisted Protected PCI with Dr. Brian Kolski”

Case Video: Protected PCI with Shockwave Assisted Large Bore Access

Consider Shockwave as Part of Large Bore Access Insertion Algorithm Large bore access and Impella® delivery can be challenging in patients with significant peripheral vascular disease. Alternative access options, such as axillary or transcaval, require a certain learning curve and case volume. In this video, Dr. Andrew Goodman, discusses the use of Shockwave Medical Intravascular … Continue reading “Case Video: Protected PCI with Shockwave Assisted Large Bore Access”

Challenging Impella-supported Protected PCI Cases

State of the Art Approach for Optimizing Patients Prior to TAVR Dr. Siddharth Wayangankar discusses his protected PCI strategy for managing patients with severe aortic stenosis and low EF with multivessel disease, specifically difficult to stent distal left main lesions. “The bottom line is that these patients need complete revascularization before considering TAVR,” he tells … Continue reading “Challenging Impella-supported Protected PCI Cases”

Planning for Large Bore Access

Standardize Your Approach to Limit Bleeding Paul D. Mahoney, MD, describes the standardized approach for large bore femoral access at Sentara Heart Hospital in Norfolk, Virginia, where he is the director of the structural heart program. His institution has a large program that performed more than 400 TAVR procedures, 100 MitraClip™ procedures, 100 Watchman™ procedures, … Continue reading “Planning for Large Bore Access”

Alternative Access Sites for Large Bore Procedures with Dr. Raj Tayal

Technical Skills for Advanced Operators Raj Tayal MD, MPH, FACC, FSCAI discusses axillary access and other alternative access site techniques for large bore procedures. Dr. Tayal is the director of the cardiac cath lab at Overlook Medical Center. Dr. Tayal explains that percutaneous axillary implant volume is increasing with very favorable data from the axillary … Continue reading “Alternative Access Sites for Large Bore Procedures with Dr. Raj Tayal”