Category: Cardiogenic Shock

National Cardiogenic Shock Initiative (CSI) Protocol

Sites participating in the National Cardiogenic Shock Initiative (CSI) have adopted the National CSI algorithm as the foundation for their treatment of AMI (STEMI & NSTEMI) patients who present in cardiogenic shock. Learn more at IMP-104-17 v2

WellStar Hub and Spoke Cardiogenic Shock Treatment Network

Successful Implementation of Cardiogenic Shock Algorithm Dr. Salvatore Mannino discusses the cardiogenic shock algorithm used in his successful spoke and hub network. Dr. Mannino is director of the short-term mechanical circulatory support program at WellStar Health System, the largest healthcare system in Georgia. Starting in 2016, each hospital in the WellStar spoke and hub network … Continue reading “WellStar Hub and Spoke Cardiogenic Shock Treatment Network”

Abiomed’s Cardiogenic Shock Guidelines

The use of standardized protocols has been associated with improvement in outcomes for people in cardiogenic shock. Such protocols enable clinicians to quickly assess a situation and rapidly decide on next steps. These protocols present Abiomed’s cardiogenic shock guidelines and include best practices to identify, stabilize, revascularize, and reassess high-risk cardiogenic shock patients. Inserting mechanical … Continue reading “Abiomed’s Cardiogenic Shock Guidelines”

Cardiogenic Shock Clinical Dossier

Impella 2.5®, Impella CP®, Impella 5.0®, and Impella LD® heart pumps are now  FDA indicated to provide treatment of ongoing cardiogenic shock. In this setting, the Impella® heart pumps have the ability to stabilize the patient’s hemodynamics, unload the left ventricle, perfuse the end organs, and allow for recovery of the native heart.