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Improving Outcomes with Impella Platform

This course is specifically for Surgeons, Heart Failure and Interventional Cardiologists (Heart Team) that treat patients with cardiogenic shock with a primary focus on survival with native heart recovery.

Impella 5.0 Product Brochure

Minimally Invasive Hemodynamic Support. The Impella 5.0 heart pump actively promotes myocardial recovery by stabilizing hemodynamics, unloading the left ventricle, and perfusing the coronaries and end organs, thereby improving the myocardium oxygen supply/demand ratio

Impella CP Product Brochure

Next Generation of Heart Recovery The 3rd generation Impella CP heart pump actively unloads the left ventricle offering continuous hemodynamic support up to 4.0 L/min. The Impella CP device is FDA approved for elective and urgent high-risk PCI procedures. Impella heart pumps have helped treat over 50,000 patients in the United States.

Abiomed Cardiogenic Shock Protocol

The Impella 2.5®, Impella CP® and Impella 5.0®/ Impella LD® Heart Pumps and Impella RP® Heart Pump, in conjunction with the Automated Impella® Controller (AIC), are temporary ventricular support devices intended for short term use and indicated for the treatment of ongoing cardiogenic shock that occurs immediately following acute myocardial infarction or open heart surgery … Continue reading “Abiomed Cardiogenic Shock Protocol”

Impella® Program Protocol and Tools

The Impella® Program Protocol and Tools Provides Resources on Impella Best Practices Including: Data-driven protocols and algorithms Tools for optimized economics Decision-making guides Quality improvement strategies Clinical Guidelines Outreach education materials Training resources