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Interventional Fellowship: Overcoming Challenges

Dr. Chadi Alraies speaks with Tara Shah, MD, an Interventional Fellow at the Cornell Medical Center about overcoming the barriers to starting an interventional fellowship. Dr. Shah addresses how her initial difficulties in understanding the flow of the Cath lab and rapidly taking on new responsibilities have contributed to a productive educational experience. Additionally, Dr. … Continue reading “Interventional Fellowship: Overcoming Challenges”

The Importance of a Heart Team

The Heart Team at Spectrum Health provides a patient-centric approach to patient care. Watch the video to learn more. IMP-260 Subscribe, or join the conversation by following us on Twitter: @ProtectedPCI To learn more about the Impella® platform of heart pumps, including important risk and safety information associated with the use of the devices, please visit:

Social Media for Physicians

Dr. Chadi Alraies presents on how physicians can benefit from using social media. In addition, Dr. Alraies outlines the importance of content creation for social media and shares ideas including case reviews, published papers, news and conference updates. Dr. Alraies also discusses tips, tricks and best practices to use while engaging with others on social … Continue reading “Social Media for Physicians”

Protected PCI Program: The Role of an Algorithm and Coordinator

Dr. Ayaz Rahman of Parkwest Medical Center in Tennessee joins Sheila Gebel to discuss the importance and efficacy of having a Protected PCI Coordinator role. The Parkwest team started a clinical coordinator with TAVR and adopted that strategy to the structural program with Protected PCI. The team also employs a Protected PCI algorithm for decision-making. … Continue reading “Protected PCI Program: The Role of an Algorithm and Coordinator”

The Value, Role, and Success of a Protected PCI Coordinator

“Being able to help patients is our ultimate goal.” Laura Rutherford, RN of Parkwest Medical Center in Tennessee, discusses the value and role of a Protected PCI Coordinator. At Parkwest, the team uses a defined algorithm for patient identification and focuses on patient education and outreach. Related Content John Mulder, PA-C of Spectrum Health Explains … Continue reading “The Value, Role, and Success of a Protected PCI Coordinator”

John Mulder, PA-C of Spectrum Health Explains What Protected PCI Means to Him

In this interview, Spectrum Health’s John Mulder, PA-C, describes the components that make up Spectrum Health’s Protected PCI® procedure with Impella® support. In addition to including a multi-disciplinary heart and shock team as well as support by an advanced heart failure/VAD unit, John describes why a dedicated cath lab team specialized in high-risk PCI procedures … Continue reading “John Mulder, PA-C of Spectrum Health Explains What Protected PCI Means to Him”