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How Impella Affects Hemodynamics

Jo Kajewski, Advanced Impella Trainer, gives an in-depth look at how Impella affects a patient’s hemodynamics. Subscribe or join the conversation by following us on Twitter: @ProtectedPCI NPS-535

Advice from Fellows

Balancing Radial and Femoral Large Bore Access Cases Dr. Zaher Hakim speaks with Dr. Chadi Alraies at the 2018 SCAI Fellows Course in Las Vegas, offering advice for fellows coming to next SCAI Fellows Course. Dr. Hakim is an interventional cardiology fellow at Wayne State University/Detroit Medical Center. Dr. Hakim acknowledges that during the first … Continue reading “Advice from Fellows”

Women in Interventional Cardiology

Being Informed About Radiation Exposure Risk Dr. Chadi Alraies interviewed Dr. Briana Costello at the SCAI 2018 Fall Fellows Courses in Las Vegas, Nevada. Dr. Costello is a third-year general fellow going into interventional cardiology at the Texas Heart Institute in Houston, Texas. Dr. Alraies asks Dr. Costello about women in interventional cardiology and how … Continue reading “Women in Interventional Cardiology”

SCAI 2018 Interview: Why Interventional Cardiology Fellowship

Dr. Briana Costello: Why I chose interventional cardiology In this Fellows Portal interview from SCAI Fellows 2018, Dr. Briana Costello, a cardiovascular disease fellow at the Texas Heart Institute, discusses why she chose to become an interventional cardiologist as well as topics related to women, cardiology, and heart disease. Dr. Costello explains that she was … Continue reading “SCAI 2018 Interview: Why Interventional Cardiology Fellowship”

SCAI 2018 Fall Fellows Courses

Dr. Michael Lim Offers Advice for Interventional Cardiology Fellows Interviewed at the SCAI 2018 Fall Fellows Courses, Dr. Michael Lim offers 2 key pieces of advice for cardiology fellows: “Remember why you do what you do.” “Take care of yourself; it’s not just taking care of your patients.” Reflecting on a couple of his own … Continue reading “SCAI 2018 Fall Fellows Courses”

Interventional Fellowship: Overcoming Challenges

Dr. Chadi Alraies speaks with Tara Shah, MD, an Interventional Fellow at the Cornell Medical Center about overcoming the barriers to starting an interventional fellowship. Dr. Shah addresses how her initial difficulties in understanding the flow of the Cath lab and rapidly taking on new responsibilities have contributed to a productive educational experience. Additionally, Dr. … Continue reading “Interventional Fellowship: Overcoming Challenges”