Congratulations to September and October 2016 Impella Heart Team Certification Program Graduates

October 30, 2016

The Protected PCI Blogging Team wants to take a moment to recognize the physicians who recently completed the "Impella Heart Team Certification Program". This program is completed by those customers who are part of the Limited Market Release of the Impella RP Device.

Here's a brief overview of the program:

The Impella Heart Team Certification Program consists of two parallel sessions: one for cardiologists, focusing on the New Era of Protected PCI, and one for surgeons concentrating on the Impella 5.0 device platform, with a focus on insertion procedures and simulation training. A portion of the training features an introduction to Impella RP device and case presentations from participating centers in which Impella RP would have been used had it been available. The discussion is facilitated by Dr. Mark Anderson and Dr. D Lynn Morris from Albert Einstein Medical Center in Philadelphia. Another portion of the program is focused entirely on the Impella RP device certification, including insertion techniques from established implanters, patient identification, and a presentation concentrating on "Tips and Tricks".

Below are the physicians who completed the September and October Programs.

September 2016 Heart Team Training

sept-2016-group-photo(Top Row left-right)
Rahul Gandhi, Abiomed, Inc.; Jo Kajewski, Abiomed, Inc.; Scott Corbett, Abiomed, Inc.; David McAllister, DO, Mercy Medical Center; Jerry W. Pratt, MD, Borgess Health; Dan Raess, MD, Abiomed, Inc.; Anh Nguyen, Abiomed, Inc.; George Berberian, MD, Southeast Hospital; Shriram  Srinivasa-Narasimha, Abiomed, Inc.; Chris Zarins, Abiomed, Inc.; Luis Arroyo, MD, Tampa General; Lawrence Lovitz, MD, JFK Medical Center; Christiano C.B. Caldiera, MD, Tampa General; Vincent Barry, Abiomed, Inc.; Raymond Kelley, Abiomed, Inc.; Seth Bilazarian, MD, Abiomed, Inc.; Kevin Ray, Abiomed, Inc.;

(Bottom Row left-right)
Evan Y. Lau, MD, Baystate Medical Center; David Wayne Deaton, MD, Baystate Medical Center; Muhammad Waqas, MD, St. Vincent's LR; Jaime A. Hernandez-Montfort, MD, Baystate Medical Center; Waqas Ghumman, MD FACC, JFK Medical Center; Zubair Ahmed, MD, Washington Regional Medical Center; Thurston Bauer, MD, St. Vincent's LR; Ganga Prabhakar, MD, Mercy Medical Center

October 2016 Heart Team Training


(Top Row left-right)
Christopher Macdonald, Abiomed, Inc.; Bryan Finley, Abiomed, Inc.; Phil Horwitz, MD, University of Iowa; Yong Zhan, MD, Tufts Medical Center; Leo Fitzgibbon, MD, UPMC Hamot; David Lasorda, DO FACC, Allegheny General Hospital; Robert J. Moraca, MD, Allegheny General Hospital; Michael Howley, Abiomed, Inc.; Torin P. Fitton, MD, Lahey Clinic; Eric Eichhorn, MD FACC, Medical City Dallas; Matt Generalovich, Abiomed, Inc.; Timothy Trageser, MD, UPMC Hamot; Dan Raess, MD, Abiomed, Inc.; David Strasser, MD, UPMC Hamot; Kevin Ray, Abiomed, Inc.; Nosheen Javed, MD, Charlton Memorial; Mitch Sklar, MD, Charlton Memorial; Irakis Gerogiannis, MD, Charlton Memorial; Adam Saltzman, MD, Charlton Memorial; George Sokos, MD, Allegheny General Hospital; Mithun Chakravathy, MD, Allegheny General Hospital; Kirit Patel, MD, St. Joe's Pontiac; Jim Bordogna, Abiomed, Inc.; Abdul R Halabi, MD, St. Joe's Pontiac; Patrick Chuinard, Abiomed, Inc.; Seth Bilazarian, MD, Abiomed, Inc.; Jeff Sweetman, Abiomed, Inc., Charles Schwartz, MD, St. Joe's Pontiac; Antreas Anto Hindoyan, MD, USC Keck Medical; David Stevens, Abiomed, Inc.

(Bottom Row left-right)
Jennifer Weddell, Abiomed, Inc.; Jennifer Ramm, RN, UPMC Hamot; Sheri Bosch, RN, CCRN, University of Iowa; Cathy Jeon, MD, Abiomed, Inc.; Vishal Gupta, MD, Borgess Health; Frank Natale, Abiomed, Inc.

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