Duane Pinto Comments on SCAI Vascular Access and Closure Best Practices

October 9, 2019

A Practical Resource for Practicing Physicians

Duane Pinto, MD, MPH, one of the nation’s experts on vascular access and closure, discusses the SCAIVascular Access, Management, and Closure: Best PracticeseBook he and Dr. Adhir Shroff edited. “It’s not a boring book,” he assures us. Dr. Pinto describes the eBook, which is available for free on the SCAI website, as “compiled by some of the major luminaries in the field, in a variety of different areas, from radial access to femoral access to large bore access.”

The sections in each chapter of this eBook are very short and practical and were written for the practicing physician with tips and trick and lots of videos and images. “It really is a centralized location for anybody who’s interested in doing a better job at access,” Dr. Pinto explains. “This is one of the major areas where attention to detail and knowing best practice makes a difference in PCI.”

The eBook discusses routine (<8 Fr) arterial access and closure for coronary and structural heart procedures as well as best practices for large bore (>8 Fr) access and closure procedures. It also has sections on identification, prevention, and management of access and closure site complications. Additional topics include ultrasound guidance for femoral access, manual compression and assisted manual compression for femoral closure, micropuncture technique for femoral access and coronary catheterizations and interventions, best practice algorithm for large bore femoral artery access, and closure devices and techniques.

The eBook, with more than 7500 downloads within the first few months of its release, is designed for fellows in training and early career physicians, as well as experienced operators for immediate clinical applications. This free “live” eBook, updated on a regular basis to ensure the most current information with regard to access and closure, is available from the links in this article as well as the SCAI website and ProtectedPCI.com.

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