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Abiomed recognizes the critical role cardiology fellows play in the identification, treatment and management of our patients. We are committed to providing resources and educational opportunities to support fellows throughout their training. Through expert-led educational programs and online content curated and contributed by current and future leaders in the field, we are investing in the next generation of physicians. Through this portal, you can access online training modules, a calendar of upcoming lectures and hands-on based learning programs, as well as other online content contributed by leaders in the field of Interventional Cardiology.

Why Are Advanced CHIP Fellowships Important?

Dr. Sanjog Kalra

Just because a lesion is harder to treat, the indication to treat it doesn’t change. The CHIP fellowship ensures we are ready to manage whatever coronary or hemodynamic challenge that crosses the Cath Lab door

Dr. Babar Basir

Doing a CHIP and CTO fellowship was the best career decision I could have made. Doing CTO and CHIP requires dedicated time that in my opinion comes best with either years of gradual experience or for younger operators daily exposure. Treating complex patients with hemodynamic compromise makes you better at treating patient without those issues as well. In my experience graduating from a CHIP/CTO gave me a significant head start in my academic career compared to my peers.

Featured Fellows Presentations and Case Reviews

Access Tips and Tricks, Key Opinion Leader perspectives and case reviews featuring the latest techniques featuring Impella devices in complex and high-risk PCI patients.

Dr. Amir Kaki: Tips, Tricks & Techniques
Impella RP® Weaning Recommendations from Dr. Tim Larkin
Why an Interventional Cardiology Fellowship?

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Connect with our Professional Education Team to learn about fellowship resources for Complex and High-Risk Patients (CHIP) and Hemodynamic Support.

Abiomed Academy provides introductory, online learning curriculum for Impella® heart pump and Automated Impella Controller.

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