Impella Supported Left Main Rotational Atherectomy

Dr. Jai Khatri of the Cleveland Foundation presents a case review of a 76 year old male presenting with non-ST elevation MI and comorbidities including hypertension, chronic kidney disease, atrial fibrillation, prior sternotomy for ASD repair. The patient presented with an ejection fraction of 45% and was referred originally for surgery, but due to the comorbidities, was turned down for surgery. While the plan was to revascularize electively, the patient decompensated and was taken to the cath lab urgently.

Dr. Khatri and his team decided to place an Impella CP® heart pump for hemodynamic support given the setting of active ischemia and reduced EF to address the heavily calcified LMT/LAD with rotational atherectomy. The patient was discharged home three days after the procedure.

Tune in to learn more about Dr. Khatri’s decision-making to avoid complications during this case and when to use hemodynamic support.

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