Importance of
Ventricular Unloading

We are pleased to offer this resource on the benefits of left ventricular unloading.

What is unloading?
Unloading is defined as the reduction of total mechanical power expenditure of the ventricle which correlates with reductions in myocardial oxygen consumption and hemodynamic forces that lead to ventricular remodeling.

Why is it Important to Prevent Heart Failure?
A national effort to improve systems of care has reduced STEMI mortality rates, however, 76% of patients experiencing their first acute myocardial infarction (AMI), will develop heart failure within five years.1 Additionally, after AMI heart failure, every 5% increase in myocardial infarct size is associated with a 20% increase in one-year hospitalization for heart failure and one-year mortality.2,3 New approaches are needed to decrease the incidence of heart failure and late-term mortality after STEMI.

Ventricular Unloading Resources


Left Heart Unloading with Impella LD

Step-by-Step Guide to Left Heart
Unloading with Impella LD®

Left Heart Unloading with Impella 5.0

Step-by-Step Guide to Left Heart
Unloading with Impella 5.0®

Right Heart Unloading with Impella RP

Step-by-Step Guide to Right Heart
Unloading with Impella RP®


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Impella® heart pumps are not FDA approved for use in STEMI patients without cardiogenic shock.