Importance of Right Heart Catheterization

January 17, 2018

Dr. Susan Joseph, Advanced Heart Failure Specialist from Baylor University Medical Center, discusses perspectives on management of Impella patients in critical care units, particularly the use of invasive hemodynamic monitoring.

PA catheters, or right heart catheterization, provide a minute to minute constant source of information about a patient with shock and their filling pressures, pulmonary artery pressures and how the shock team is managing the patient.

Dr. Joseph describes some history of the use of right heart catheterization and how it has benefited heart failure specialists, interventional cardiologists and intensivists. Watch the video to learn more about how you can use invasive hemodynamic monitoring and how to overcome some of the barriers to use.

“We are using [right heart catheterization] almost as a vital sign. It has become part of our normal, everyday lexicon.”

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