Never Say Never: A Case Beset with Grim Doubt

September 7, 2017

Dig into the details as Dr. James Stewart explains how he successfully revascularized a 47 year old patient who had been turned down for CABG by 3 surgeons.

This patient with diabetes presented to a neighboring hospital with heart failure and was found to have challenging coronary anatomy:

  • 95% distal left main bifurcation
  • 100% CTO mid LAD
  • 95% distal LCs
  • RAC co-doninant, mild luminal irregularities. Supplies collaterals to LAD.

Learn how Dr. James Stewart used a heart team approach to successfully revascularize this patient with Protected PCI. The patient was discharged with an Ejection Fraction of 40% after 3 days in the hospital. At 30 day follow-up, the patient was back at work and doing well.

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