Dr. Bill O’Neill: New Data from NCSI & Improving Outcomes in Cardiogenic Shock

“This is a coalition of the willing…I think all of you have to decide tomorrow when you go home, in your hospital how are you going to treat your patients if you're doing cardiogenic shock angioplasty and balloon pump you will have a 50 percent survival and if that's not good enough for you, then you have to look at other strategies and we [in NCSI] think that early mechanical support in the approach that we've taken is a very good way to go.”
- Dr. Bill O’Neill

Dr. Bill O’Neill presents data from the National Cardiogenic Shock Initiative Study (NCSI) on 171 consecutive AMI cardiogenic shock (AMICS) patients from 35 sites demonstrates 72% survival with 98% native heart recovery at discharge. He discusses how care process implementation through the NCSI protocol has led to improved survival and native heart recovery. The latest NCSI results were presented at the 2019 Society for Cardiovascular Angiography & Interventions (SCAI) Scientific Sessions and simultaneously published in Catheterization and Cardiovascular Interventions (CCI).

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New Data from NCSI Demonstrates 72% Survival with 98% Native Heart Recovery
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