Free e-Book: SCAI Best Practices for Access and Closure

Adhir Shroff, MD, director of the cardiac catheterization lab at University of Illinois Hospital, joins George Vetrovec, MD to discuss an exciting new resource on vascular access. Dr. Shroff and Duane Pinto, MD served as editors for this online publication.

Vascular access and closure are key skills for operators performing percutaneous catherization intervention (PCI) procedures. This e-Book is available online for free, and includes best practices on vascular access, management, and closure. The authors designed the textbook around an interactive format with short, specific topics and invited other SCAI members to share their expertise and clinical experience.

The e-Book is divided into 3 chapters:

  • Chapter 1 covers routine (<8Fr) access and closure procedures: arterial access and closure for coronary and structural heart procedures
  • Chapter 2 discusses best practices for large bore (>8Fr) access and closure procedures
  • Chapter 3 reviews the identification, prevention, and management of access and closure site complications.

The editors and authors of this educational e-Book have worked diligently to create this interactive, contemporary tool to aid physicians by using real-world experiences to provide overviews and case-based tutorials in a variety of access and closure techniques.

Additional eBook Topics Include:

  • Ultrasound Guidance for Femoral Access
  • Manual Compression and Assisted Manual Compression for Femoral Closure
  • Micropuncture Technique for Femoral Access for Coronary Catheterizations and Interventions
  • Percutaneous Axillary Access Best Practices
  • Best Practice Algorithm for Large Bore Femoral Artery Access
  • Closure Devices & Techniques

Every chapter features easy to review, succinct sections, which link to other clinical publications and external references. Real-world best practices, tips and tricks, and case reviews are highlighted throughout. Additionally, interactive content such as clickable videos and step-by-step guides enhance the e-book.

This e-Book content is designed for fellows-in-training, early career physicians, and experienced operators for immediate clinical application. The electronic format will allow for updates when new chapters or information is available.

Are you seeking hands-on, large bore access and closure training?

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