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Large Datasets and Their Ability to Advance Cardiology

Large-scale data collection has been an increasingly adopted practice in healthcare and clinical trials. The speed at which data is collected via electronic mediums over recent years has facilitated more precise and efficient data storing, retrieval, and analysis of pertinent health-related outcomes. Today’s electronic data collection tools also allow for easy access of large datasets that can potentially assist in the design of future clinical trials, especially in cardiology. Additionally, large datasets have aided the robust development of current trials involving large groups of participants, further supporting the swift evolution of heart disease knowledge and treatment options.

Large Data in Current Science

One such example of a large dataset is the Framingham study, a clinical trial involving thousands of people from several generations in Framingham, MA, since the late 1940s. This large-scale study has provided much-needed insight into cardiovascular disease patterns and risk factors and has even led to the discovery of important key elements in the development of heart disease. Similar studies across the world with big datasets have contributed to the development of science and medicine, helping to evolve the current model of healthcare. Continue readingLarge Datasets and Their Ability to Advance Cardiology