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Large Bore Access Critical Skills with Dr. Adhir Shroff

Using Multimodality Approach for Femoral Access Adhir Shroff, MD, MPH, presents data supporting a multimodal approach to femoral access. Dr. Shroff is Associate Professor of Medicine at the University of Illinois, Chicago and Jesse Brown VA Medical Center Co-Chair of the Vascular Access Working Group. He also recently co-authored a free SCAI Best Practices for … Continue reading “Large Bore Access Critical Skills with Dr. Adhir Shroff”

Large Bore Access: Q&A with Dr. Adhir Shroff

Dr. Adhir Shroff discusses key elements of large bore femoral access. He details his experience with identifying appropriate access points and best practices including: Image guided femoral access Floroscopic guidance with ultrasound as a complement Micropuncture technique Angiography from a remote location Subscribe, Tweet this, or join the conversation by following us on Twitter: @ProtectedPCI IMP-396-17 v2