TCT 2015 Session Reviews CHIP Cases with Focus on Technical Issues

October 12, 2015

Great case base learning session this morning by Dr Manish Parikh from Columbia University Medical Center in New York. It was case based education with a focus on technical issues. The session discussed how physicians can optimize the care of patients who greatly need revascularization but are high risk due to severe symptoms and surgery inoperability. The CHIP concept was reviewed and several cases were presented. Dr. Parikh mentioned several times that these type of cases require excellent operator skills but need the advantage of hemodynamic support to allow safe, effective and complete revascularization, a point that was repeatedly emphasized.

This still frame from one of the cases tells a lot, demonstrating the complexity level of this type of case. The patient has three coronary wires in, a PA catheter, a defibrillator, and an Impella support device.


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