TCT-Cardiogenic Shock Initiative

December 4, 2017

“This is a call to action to American interventional cardiologists and American cardiology leaders to try to come up with a better approach to improve outcomes. We have some excellent tools now to try to improve the survival for these patients.”

-Dr. William O’Neill

In this video series, Drs. Marty Leon, William O’Neill and Navin Kapur discuss the current state of cardiogenic shock. Despite a growing number of cardiogenic shock cases each year, mortality has not improved in more than 20 years. Initial results from 41 patients in the Detroit CSI has shown an increase in survival from 50% to 75% when the use of a standardized protocol based on real-world data is used. The Detroit CSI protocol includes reducing inotropes, placing Impella pre-PCI and using hemodynamic monitoring for weaning and escalation. Now national in scope, the Cardiogenic Shock Initiative is taking off across the country. Finally, the science behind mechanical circulatory support and hemodynamic support with Impella is covered.

Video Chapters:

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