Heart Team Approach to Treating Cardiogenic Shock

March 6, 2018

Dr. Alexander Truesdell of INOVA Heart and Vascular Institute compares his experience in combat medicine and combat medical care to the cardiogenic shock scenario. Best practices based on the team’s real-world experience treating cardiogenic shock include:

  • One-call system for shock call
  • Multidisciplinary team including cardiac surgeons, interventional cardiologists and heart failure specialists
  • Rapid, collaborative decision-making
  • Bedside consultation
  • Consensus plan of care
  • Early use of mechanical circulatory support
  • Hemodynamic Guidance
  • Formalized process with the use of an algorithm

In addition, Dr. Truesdell takes a “team of teams” approach to education and training all members of the shock team, including emergency medicine, echocardiography, telemedicine, and more. Finally, the shock team convenes for After Action Reviews (AAR) to review the case, including what worked and what did not, for continuous improvement.

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