Tips & Tricks: Placing a PA Catheter

February 7, 2018

“Use the data, don’t be afraid to get repetitive information.” – Dr. Shelley Hall

“The crucial piece is going by trends.” – Dr. Ajay Srivastava

Drs. Shelley Hall and Ajay Srivastava join Dr. Cathy Jeon to discuss practical aspects of placing a PA catheter to monitor a patient’s hemodynamics. The physicians discuss the process of placing a Swan-Ganz catheter. Dr. Srivastava recommends using ultrasound-guided vascular access. Dr. Hall outlines best practices for advancing a Swan into the right ventricle. While access is usually determined by available veins, best practices include using the right internal jugular vein or the groin, and using ultrasound and imaging to determine access. Tune in to learn more about PA catheter placement and why to use it.

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