Cardiogenic Shock Best Practices

Derived from Real-World Evidence

Using a defined protocol that includes best practice protocols derived from real-world data for the treatment of cardiogenic shock has been associated with improved outcomes. Best practice protocols from the Abiomed Impella Quality (IQ) Assurance Program and IRB-approved cVAD Registry include:

1. Minimizing exposure to
toxic inotropic medicines

2. Unloading the left ventricle with Impella pre-PCI in the setting of cardiogenic shock

3. Use of invasive hemodynamic monitoring to guide escalation and weaning during support

The Abiomed IQ Assurance Program is a real-world collection of clinical information derived from the treatment of patients with Impella devices since 2008. Trends in the observational IQ Database, combined with information from Abiomed's Institutional Review Board (IRB)-approved cVAD Registry have helped identify best practices and protocols that are associated with improved survival and native heart recovery in hospitals using Impella devices.

Cardiogenic Shock Resources

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Cardiogenic Shock Clinical Dossier


Dr. O’Neill’s IQ Data and AMICS Presentation from TCT 2018



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Abiomed's IQ Database is a collection of real-world, observational quality assurance data on over 95% of Impella patients since the Impella 2.5® heart pump's introduction to the United States in 2008. The IQ database, combined with additional clinical data collected in the cVAD Registry™ and FDA pre- and post-market studies, is helping to identify best practices and protocols that are linked to the highest survival and native heart recovery rates at hospitals utilizing Impella heart pumps. The data contained in the IQ Assurance Database is useful in establishing certain trends associated with the use of Impella. The data contained therein is not pre-specified or statistically-powered and no statistical conclusions can be drawn from the hypothesis-generating information.