The Importance of a Heart Team

The Heart Team at Spectrum Health provides a patient-centric approach to patient care.

ProtectedPCI Program

Dr. Ayaz Rahman of Parkwest Medical Center in Tennessee joins Sheila Gebel to discuss the importance and efficacy of having a Protected PCI Coordinator role.

The Value of Protected PCI Coordinators

Dr. Tony DeMartini of Edward Hospital discusses the value of having a Protected PCI Coordinator.

Protected PCI Coordinators Program

Just as hospitals have recognized the importance of having coordinators to assist with the identification and treatment of VAD patients; hospitals are now utilizing coordinators to identify and facilitate the care of the high-risk PCI patient population. Not only can coordinators help identify patients that may have previously been surgical turn downs, they can facilitate their treatment and conduct valuable educational outreach to other physicians and hospitals. The educational outreach is beneficial as this effort explains the clinical benefits of Protected PCI for other physicians and healthcare providers who care for this undertreated patient population.

A Growing Population High-Risk Patients

PCI cases that had Major Complications or Comorbitities (MCCs) or 4+ vessels or stents has grown from 23% to 30% in the last four years1


Only 27% of inpatient cases admitted for new-onset heart failure were tested for coronary artery disease within 90 days of their care episode2

Featured Coordinator Content

Learn from the perspectives of industry peers about the value a coordinator brings to delivering care to patients that may have been turned down for surgery. Among the resources are Key Opinion Leader videos, templates created by coordinators, algorithms developed by hospitals, and recommendations for building awareness of a program.

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