Protected PCI: Current Data and Best Practices in High-Risk Patients

Dr. John Lasala interviews Dr. Bill O’Neill, Dr. Bill Lombardi, and Dr. Jeff Moses on the current data regarding high-risk patients
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Abiomed Cardiogenic Shock Protocol

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High-Risk PCI with Impella Support and Atherectomy

Dr. Thom Dahle, Interventional Cardiologist and Director, Valvular Heart Disease Program at St. Cloud Hospital

Protected PCI


Cardiogenic Shock




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New Data from NCSI Demonstrates 72% Survival with 98% Native Heart Recovery

The patients were treated with the NCSI protocol, which includes placing the Impella heart pump before revascularization

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CPO/PAPi Calculator

Use the tool to calculate Cardiac Power Output and predict right ventricular failure following LVAD implantation

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Best Practices for Access and Closure with the Impella® Device

Dr. Shon Chakrabarti joins Dr. Alex Truesdell who talks to us about best practices for vascular access and closure and details

This 49 year old smoker presented with multiple comorbidities and was turned down for CABG before Dr. Mulhearn and his team proceeded with a #ProtectedPCI procedure:

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Get up and move! Sitting less and incorporating exercise into your schedule may increase your lifespan

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