Burzotta Study Summary with Dr. Burzotta and Dr. Trani

Drs. Trani and Burzotta summarize the paper by Dr. Burzotta et al on long-term outcomes for Protected PCI patients in Italy.
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Abiomed Cardiogenic Shock Protocol

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Dr. Adhir Shroff introduces the new Access and Closure eBook from SCAI

Adhir Shroff, MD joins George Vetrovec, MD to discuss an exciting new resource on vascular access.

Protected PCI


Cardiogenic Shock




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New Data from NCSI Demonstrates 72% Survival with 98% Native Heart Recovery

The patients were treated with the NCSI protocol, which includes placing the Impella heart pump before revascularization

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Free e-Book: SCAI Best Practices for Access and Closure

An interactive guide using real-world experiences to provide overviews and case-based tutorials in a variety of access and closure techniques.


Protected PCI: Current Data and Best Practices in High-Risk Patients

Dr. John Lasala interviews Dr. Bill O’Neill, Dr. Bill Lombardi, and Dr. Jeff Moses on the current data regarding high-risk patients

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Protected PCI with Impella is possible at a site near you. If you or a loved one has been turned down for heart surgery, use our locator to find a hospital near you that may be able to help

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