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Abiomed Cardiogenic Shock Protocol

Abiomed Cardiogenic Shock Protocol

Protected PCI


Cardiogenic Shock




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Practicum on Complex Skills: Columbia
New York, New York

Heart Team Approach to Treating Cardiogenic Shock

Dr. Alexander Truesdell of INOVA Heart and Vascular Institute compares his experience in combat medicine and combat medical car...
Protected PCI

Complex PCI with Multiple Comorbidities

Dr. Tanveer Rab of Emory University joins Dr. Cathy Jeon to discuss a case of an 80 year old male with a low ejection fraction ...

Developing a Protected PCI Algorithm

Dr. Hiram Bezerra explains how his team created a Protected PCI algorithm and got buy-in from the entire heart team. D...

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#ProtectedPCI Program: What it Means at Spectrum Health - Watch the interview with John Mulder!

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Visit Abiomed’s booth 2635 for information on our expanded indications for #hrpci and #cardiogenicshock #ACC18

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