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Managing Acute MI Cardiogenic Shock

Developing Best Practices with Dr. Bill O’Neill “What are the foundations for developing best practices in managing acute MI cardiogenic shock?” asks Dr. Bill O’Neill as he begins this presentation of data and the ways in which high-performing institutions are improving survival in patients with AMI cardiogenic shock. “If you’re going to be using Impella®, … Continue reading “Managing Acute MI Cardiogenic Shock”

NCSI Findings Regarding Right Ventricular Dysfunction

About 40% of AMICS Patients Develop Right Ventricular Dysfunction Dr. Babar Basir, an interventionalist at Henry Ford Hospital and one of co-investigators for the National Cardiogenic Shock Initiative (NCSI), discusses the latest findings on right heart dysfunction from that initiative with Dr. Cathy Jeon. Dr. Basir explains that his work within the NCSI has sought … Continue reading “NCSI Findings Regarding Right Ventricular Dysfunction”

Multicenter Impella Experience Data from Dr. Andreas Schäfer

Impella for AMI Cardiogenic Shock Dr. Andreas Schäfer, an interventional cardiologist and intensivist from Hannover, Germany, discusses data from an abstract he presented at the American College of Cardiology regarding use of Impella® in patients with acute AMI cardiogenic shock. Dr. Schäfer describes data from 166 patients from 4 centers in Germany and Denmark. Patients … Continue reading “Multicenter Impella Experience Data from Dr. Andreas Schäfer”

Duane Pinto Comments on SCAI Vascular Access and Closure Best Practices

A Practical Resource for Practicing Physicians Duane Pinto, MD, MPH, one of the nation’s experts on vascular access and closure, discusses the SCAI “Vascular Access, Management, and Closure: Best Practices” eBook he and Dr. Adhir Shroff edited. “It’s not a boring book,” he assures us. Dr. Pinto describes the eBook, which is available for free … Continue reading “Duane Pinto Comments on SCAI Vascular Access and Closure Best Practices”

Where’s the Cardiogenic Shock Treatment Data?

Looking to Real-world Evidence in Cardiogenic Shock Dr. William O’Neill discusses cardiogenic shock treatment in light of the lack of randomized, controlled clinical trial data for cardiogenic shock. “There’s an inherent conflict of interest between the clinician and the scientist,” he tells interviewer Dr. Cathy Jeon. He explains that clinicians facing the life and death … Continue reading “Where’s the Cardiogenic Shock Treatment Data?”

Clinical Paper: Beyond Reperfusion by Jerry Curran

Acute Ventricular Unloading and Cardioprotection During MI Jerry Curran PhD, Senior Scientist at Abiomed, discusses a paper he recently co-authored describing how acute ventricular unloading is fundamentally different from other clinical therapies for attenuating the impact of ischemic-reperfusion (I-R) injury in the setting of myocardial infarction. The paper, co-authored with Dr. Daniel Burkhoff and Dr. … Continue reading “Clinical Paper: Beyond Reperfusion by Jerry Curran”

Impella Support Pre-PCI for AMICS is Associated with Higher Survival in Women

Reference: J Interven Cardiol 2016; 29:248–256. Cardiogenic shock (CS) is the leading cause of death after acute myocardial infarction (AMI) and occurs in up to 10% of cases.1 Notably, the incidence of CS is higher in women presenting with STEMI than men (11.6% vs. 8.3%, p < 0.01).2   Previous studies evaluating the impact of CS … Continue reading “Impella Support Pre-PCI for AMICS is Associated with Higher Survival in Women”

INOVA Heart and Vascular Heart Recovery Initiative

Instituting a Cardiogenic Shock Protocol to Improve Outcomes Alexander Truesdell, MD and Behnam Tehrani, MD, interventional cardiologists at INOVA Heart and Vascular Institute discuss their experience implementing a cardiogenic shock protocol at INOVA. Data from their experience was recently published in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology. After Inova instituted a best practice … Continue reading “INOVA Heart and Vascular Heart Recovery Initiative”