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National Cardiogenic Shock Initiative: 1 Year Later

Video Chapters: The Impact of The Cardiogenic Shock Initiative (NCSI): One Year Later William O’Neill, MD Advances in the Treatment of Cardiovascular Disease in Women: PCI, MI, Shock, Myocarditis, SCAD, and Post-partum Cardiomyopathy Cindy Grines, MD Understanding the Importance of Ventricular Unloading in Management of AMI and Cardiogenic Shock Navin Kapur, MD Subscribe, or join the … Continue reading “National Cardiogenic Shock Initiative: 1 Year Later”

History of Primary PCI

ProtectedPCI.com’s Dr. Seth Bilazarian speaks with Detroit Medical Center’s Dr. Cindy Grines on her experiences as an innovator and early adopter of Primary PCI. Dr. Grines describes not only how she spearheaded what is now a standard system of care, but also the pressures posed on her within the professional community during those early days. … Continue reading “History of Primary PCI”